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Rocket Security offers a wide range of security services from music and sporting events to 24 hour site security, CCTV towers and mobile patrols.

CCTV services

We can supply a range of mobile CCTV options, these depend on customer preference, terrain, requirements, and budget.

Full Site Survey

A site survey will be carried out prior to deployment to ensure we have the correct system in place with signal and connectivity. We also consider the local environment, the community, specific threats, Criminal opportunities, the projects strengths, and weaknesses and identify risk. This will formulate our tactical plan.  The findings will be discussed with the customer, importantly remaining flexible in our approach and willing to change to the meet the customers’ expectations or requirements. We may recommend alternative or additionally measures which are accessible on this website. This process will be documented.

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The mobile CCTV towers

1) Mains or Generator powered.

2) Solar Powered

The units have a battery backup system which lasts up to 36 hours depending on model. All units are equally reliable.

Day & Night Vision CCTV Cameras

The cameras work on an area analytics so you can target specific areas and exclude others, this limits false activation or privacy. They have night vision and a range of 100 meters per camera. A PTZ camera can scan the area to identify intruders. This gives the towers 360-degree range. On some sites there may be a blind spot which needs to be monitored without the cost of an additional tower. We can then remote cameras on isolated areas or places of historical site breaches. These units work with the existing tower or can be stand alone. The Mobile towers are a large, heavy visible deterrent and accompanied with signage. They can be moved around the site to address evolving security requirements or as the site progresses.

The units are professionally monitored and recorded 24 hours a day. They have live, two way voice communication, enables the control room to actively challenge intruders. Site managers or their representatives will have access to the cameras 24 hours a day via their smart devises or computer.

Monitoring Control room Incident options

1)    Voice Challenge

2)    Call emergency services

3)    Call Keyholder(s)

4)    Call engineer

5)    Inform Client


Our CCTV units can be isolated during working hours when the staff are on site but will still record 24 hours a day, this gives several other advantages to the client.


1)    No false activations

2)    Bogus callers

3)    Theft employee or sub-contractor

4)    Misuse of equipment or accident investigation

5)    Monitor deliveries

6)    Health and safety.

7)    Lone workers / staff welfare

8)    Cold callers / reps on site

9)    Complaints or disputes

Our staff will work in conjunction with site rules, regulations, contingency planning and health and safety policy. We will identify any risks we come across on site to assist a safe working environment for all. This will be recorded on our “near miss form,” and recorded in the site log.   

Experienced & Qualified Guards

We ensure our staff guards are discreet and respect the sometimes-sensitive nature of the project, this may be high value assets, location, high profile client, tasks performed or equipment. We actively monitor social media as a supervisory tool to reinforce this professional approach. Staff will face disciplinary procedure if we are informed or we detect any discrepancies.

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