Guarding Services

Guarding Services Delivery

Our security guards are recruited, trained, supervised, and mentored to deliver a consistent professional service. We select the correct guard profile to specific site requirements. We believe that placing the correct person in the correct place at the correct time, is essential in providing an excellent service.  Maintaining continuity with a consistent workforce, will promote Partnership working, local knowledge, effective and long lasting working relationships and trust.

Guard Background Checks

The staff are subject to background checks, vetting, Sia licensing and right to work in the UK. We provide staff with an aid memoire and training package to continue their professional development. Every guard will complete a site Log to capture patrols, incidents, visitors, and de-briefing intelligence. We check our staff are capable to communicate important information, both verbally and written reports.


Guarding Site Review & Plan

Prior to commencing operational deployment we will conduct a site review to identify the best security solutions. Initially several measures will be identified. Dynamic and periodical reviews will increase or decrease these as the threat subsides or escalates. Considered measures could be: Signage, Physical deterrent, Lighting, Site Patrols, CCTV, static guards, Security dogs. Our assessment will always include best value for the customer, where we can work to stringent budgets. We will consider the local environment, the community, specific threats, criminal opportunities, the project's strengths and weaknesses to identify risk. This will formulate our tactical plan.  The findings will be discussed with the customer, importantly remaining flexible in our approach, with willingness to change, meeting client's expectations or requirements. This process will be documented.
Our staff will work in conjunction with site rules, regulations, contingency planning and health and safety policy. We will identify any risks we come across on site to assist a safe working environment for all. Any incidents will be recorded on our “near miss form,” and recorded in the site log.

Health & safety Risk Assessment

A guard site assignment and risk assessment documents will be prepared and issued to our staff, prior to engagement on site. A supervisor will be present at the initial commencement of the contract to conduct a site induction in partnership with the site manager or a company representative. The supervisor will ensure a safe working environment and suitable welfare for the guard. Guards will be in possession of the required PPE, correctly dressed and in possession of essential equipment. This will be checked and verified by the supervisor. Any discrepancies will be addressed and remedied immediately, for example; missing kit, replaced by Supervisors spare kit retained in Patrol vehicle. If for example a guard reports sick or has a family emergency at short notice, we retain a quota of staff to ensure our resilience. The patrol van or supervisor will remain on site until the replacement guard arrives. All guards will remain on site until they are relieved by the site manager or their representative. This covers the area where sometimes the site employees are delayed. Guards will be briefed and de-briefed. Briefings determine appropriate client updates, as well as the ability to cascade important information to our staff and site management. Staff will be up to date with the most recent intelligence or risk. We will remain fluid and continually review our strategy and tactics. Our review could culminate in a minor tweak, the addition of equipment, to a revised patrol pattern. Our process will ensure best practice, promote cost-effective solutions, identify risk, and protect our staff, the public and our client's staff and assets. The guards will wear the appropriate PPE and corporate uniform. Body worn cameras are available to our guards where appropriate.
Our guards are supervised by a mobile patrol and additionally managed on a staff management application (APP). All guards are required to book on and off shift and are tracked by GPS, identifying their location. The staff automatically receive an hourly check call, this is proceeded with a 10-minute warning that the check call is due. Any discrepancies will be managed by the patrol supervisor and our 24-hour call centre.

Security Guards For Any Situation

It is important to us that our guards are discreet and respect the sometimes-sensitive nature of a project. This may relate to high value assets, location, high profile individuals, tasks performed or equipment. We actively monitor social media as a supervisory tool to reinforce this professional approach. Staff will face disciplinary procedure if we are informed or we detect any discrepancies.
We as a Company will have regular updates / meetings with the staff to ensure we are providing the best possible Security delivery and evolving as the projects develop. We run an employee of the month scheme to reward staff for good work and or innovative solutions.